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What Is Laser Nail Fungus Treatment?

Have you noticed blemishes around your toenails or fingernails, including a rough texture or a pearly or yellowish blotching pattern? This could be an indication of a nail fungal infection. Dr. Lyna C. Ellis and her team at BestSELF Wellness Clinic are equipped to diagnose and address nail fungus to eradicate discomfort. We are pleased to offer technologically advanced laser nail fungus treatments with Harmony® XL PRO by Alma. In the majority of cases, medical treatment is necessary since this condition can be difficult to get rid of with only over-the-counter creams. If you're experiencing symptoms of a nail fungus infection, we invite you to contact our location in Lakeland, FL today.

How Does Laser Nail Fungus Treatment Work?

A laser nail fungus treatment with Harmony XL PRO at our Lakeland, FL facility is a quick, noninvasive procedure that typically does not cause pain. At most, you might feel a warming sensation as the laser penetrates your toenail or fingernail. This treatment works by delivering short bursts of light energy from the Harmony XL PRO handpiece into your nail to kill the fungus underneath the nail plate. This process may need to be repeated through multiple sessions to get rid of the entire nail fungal infection, although sometimes only one treatment can be sufficient. Dr. Ellis or a member of our team will talk with you about the number of sessions needed during your first consultation.

Can’t thank Dr.Campo enough for being so patient and careful during my aesthetic treatment. Lyna walked me through the whole process and explained my treatment plan in such detail that I didn’t have any doubts or fears when receiving the treatment (I was super anxious). A professional and knowledgeable team, beautiful facilities. Without any doubt, my best decision was to choose Dr.Campo for my aesthetic treatment. Thank you!!

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With my fillers and Botox I was very satisfied, you can see the professionalism that the BestSelf clinic manages with Dr. Lina

D.I. Google

I’m extremely happy with the results from my Botox and lip filler. Without a doubt I will return to have more procedures done. Dr. Campo's professionalism and charisma gave me a lot of security. I can't wait to have my next appointment again. I highly recommend this clinic.

D.L. Google

Excellent, very professional and painless, new and comfortable facilities, Dr Lyna is a spectacular professional. I will be back for my next botox session 🏽

S.C. Google

I loved the boutique atmosphere of the clinic, the The doctor was very kind and professional and I loved the result!

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Have Healthier Nails

If you are experiencing discomfort from brittle, discolored nails, our team can determine if you have a nail fungal infection and provide noninvasive treatment. At BestSELF Wellness Clinic, Dr. Ellis and our team perform laser nail fungus treatments with Harmony XL PRO to restore the health and beauty of damaged nails. Schedule your consultation at our Lakeland, FL facility to find out more.

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